Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop – Amsterdam , Netherlands

Training Course

11-16 February 2018 | Amsterdam , Netherlands

Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop is the activity for youth leaders from all over the world who would like to develop their entrepreneurial skills and apply learning outcomes in their professional work in their organizations!

This Training Course is for 15 participants from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries , Other countries in the world , Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU .

We invite youth leaders to join Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Workshop is meant for youth leaders who are interested in the topic of youth entrepreneurship, would like to understand it better and the most important – would like to develop own entrepreneurial skills and use them in the work within their organizations. During the Workshop the participants will have sessions on youth entrepreneurship, visits to companies and meetings with founders of successful start-ups and will have time to develop own ideas for entrepreneurial projects which would be applicable in the context of their organizations; the participants will receive feedback on those ideas and given recommendations on how to get started, where to receive necessary funds for the start, how to find partners. Moreover, the Workshop itself is the great place to find international partners for the future entrepreneurial projects of your organization!

We believe the Workshop would be useful for youth leaders who would like to develop own entrepreneurial skills and use the entrepreneurship within their own NGO to design and implement new successful projects. Entrepreneurship is a very broad concept which can be applied in almost any field of work and we expect, participants after the Workshop will be able to apply their entrepreneurship skills in the field they work and contribute to their organisations. In addition to that, we are convinced that youth leaders-entrepreneurs can make significant contribution to the development of their communities and we hope after the Workshop they will be able to apply their entrepreneurial skills in order to improve the conditions in their own communities.

Entrepreneurship is the powerful tool which can help the youth organization to develop new interesting projects for the audience they work for. Entrepreneurial methods can help to develop the high quality projects. Among others, we will focus on the topic of sustainability – hoe the organization can use entrepreneurial methods and be sustainable.

Youth leaders who are interested in the topic of entrepreneurship and would like to move from theory to practice and begin using their entrepreneurial skills in their work are more than welcome to join the Workshop!

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The fee for the participation is 550 euro. The fee covers accommodation, the program (the lectures and visits to the organizations), breakfast and lunch.
In addition participants will need to cover own travel costs.
For participants, who need a visa to the Netherlands, we will provide a visa invitation.

In addition to the fee participants need to cover own travel costs.

Apply now!

Application deadline (24h CET): 28 December 2017.

Date of selection: 11 January 2018.

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