Youth Activator: Make it happen – Adamov, Czech Republic

Training Course

2-10 October 2017 | Adamov, Czech Republic

This Training Course is for 30 participants from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Slovak Republic, United Kingdom.

An international training course on active citizenship with focus on community engagement, change making and volunteering.

Our project Youth activator: Make it happen will bring for 9 days 30 participants from 10 countries (BG, CZ, DK, EE, GR, IT, LT, PL, SK, UK) to Adamov and Brno, CZ.

We decided to create a training course which will bring together youth workers and youth leaders who want to be the spark which will light the change and activate the youth in their societies.

The aim of the project is to increase the active citizenship of youth with focus on social participation in the community and volunteering; exercise project management skills to support the boost of community projects and activities in the participants’ realities and provide the participants with participatory methods which they can use in order to motivate the youth and engage them with the local community and environment.

Objectives of the project
_ Explore the term of active citizenship and social participation and find out together about methods, actions, events which can boost the participation and active citizenship of the youth and accompany them with practical examples when and where they can be used.

_ Emphasize volunteering as a way of active participation in the community life as well as a worthy tool for self-development by meeting with volunteers and getting to know their experience as well by setting own way in which the participants can develop themselves and their community via volunteering.

_ Provide the participants with project management skills. We want them to practice the project logic and project management both theoretically and practically on real examples and issues from their environment.

_ Meet the representatives running community projects in Brno, find out about the context, aims and processes of their projects and learn from them practical approaches how to communicate with the locals and how to motivate them and engage them to the project.

_ Analyse problems which the participants and their communities face, explore the resources and create action plan on which the participants will apply the know-how they achieved from the local activists and they will practice their project management skills.

_ Test the new skills in practice already in Czech Republic by creating together one day action plan.

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Travel costs will be reimbursed according E+ distance calculator. Details about the maximum reimbursed of travel costs can be found in the attached info pack.

Accommodation and food will be covered.

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Application deadline (24h CET): 27 August 2017.

Date of selection: 2 September 2017.

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