What do YOU THink? – International training on critical thinking – Vadul-lui-Voda, Moldova

Training Course

20-30 October 2017 | Vadul-lui-Voda, Moldova

This Training Course is for 15 participants from Belgium – DE, Belgium – FL, Belgium – FR, Estonia, Russian Federation.

The aim of the project is to deal with critical thinking skills in various fields of life, their effect on personal and professional development and impact on political, social and cultural life.

Young people from nowadays are influenced by different media sources and authorities so it gets extremely hard to form an own opinion and make healthy decisions.
This project aims to develop participants’ skills of critical thinking, which include: memory, analysis, argumentation and creativity.

The objectives are:
1) To raise awareness among young people, about the necessity of checking the validity of sources and information.
2) To develop skills of critical thinking, which include: memory, analysis, argumentation and creativity.
3) To increase the confidence of young people in the process of decision making.
4) To raise the level of tolerance and appreciation for diversity in all its forms: culture, opinions, life choices.
6) To raise awareness about the fluence of a person’s background to decision making process.

We will make a mixture of participants coming from different countries as we think the difference in background and culture will give unique learning opportunities for all participants.

The main methodology of the course will be based on different kind of games – board, simulation, debate, indoor and outdoor games as well as city quests. The concept of the project is to learn by experience so the learning process will be organized in a fun way. As critical thinking is a complex process which involves a lot of skills, participants will increase their skills in analysis, creativity or argumentation.
The expected impact of this project is to develop critical thinking skills of young generation. Also, working in a team, participants will understand what it means to work together for the same goal, will use knowledge and acquired skills, gain international and intercultural experience, strengthen their sense of self-confidence and become more aware of possibilities they have.

Profile of participants:
1. Committed to fully participate in the course.
2. Committed to work on realization of the main aim.
3. Able to communicate in English.
4. Are minimum 18 years old (we would like to welcome 18-26 years old participants due to project design features funded by Erasmus+ grant and game methods targeted to specific of young people below 26 but participants above 26 are also welcomed).


The project is funded under Erasmus+Programme KA1, Belgium NA. Board, lodging during the project dates and travel costs (according to the travel limit) will be covered by programme. The insurance will to be responsibility of participants. Maximum amount for the international travel: Belgium – 275 €, Estonia – 275 €, Russia – 275 €, actual reimbursement will be based on the real expences not exeeding the mentioned limit. Participation fee differes from country to country (please contact moldova.ye@gmail.com for more details, the fee will not exceed 90 Euro).

Apply now!

Application deadline (24h CET): 31 August 2017.

Date of selection: 16 September 2017.

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