Training on upcycling and zero-waste approach – The Hague, Netherlands

Training Course

20-28 September 2017 | The Hague , Netherlands

This Training Course is for 10 participants from Belgium – DE, Belgium – FL, Belgium – FR, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Netherlands, Romania

During 7 days participants are going to get an complex insight into upcycling trough getting to know waste-management cycle, meetings with stakeholders, attending craft workshops and practicing an zero-waste approach.

ATTENTION, this is a call to find 10 youth workers from Belgium and the Netherlands.

The ARTcycling Training Course itself will bring together a total of 32 youth workers and youth
leaders from the Netherlands; Germany; Belgium; Greece; Cyprus; Hungary; Romania; Latvia. The main activity, the TC, will be held in The Hague, the Netherlands between 20-28 September 2017.

During 7 days participants are going to get a complex insight into up cycling through getting to know the waste-management cycle, meetings with stakeholders, artists, attending craft workshops and practicing zero-waste approach during the whole week.

The main objectives of the project are to equip youth leaders and youth workers with knowledge and skills around up cycling, to increase the quality of youth work including creative approaches.

To meet the aims and objectives, the training will trigger participants in the following 3 pillars, which are step-by-step incorporated in the program of the training:
1–To provide a clear view on waste, sources of waste, waste cycle and how the system of urban waste-management works, as well as effects of poor waste disposal. Progress will be made towards understanding new ways of waste management and upcycling and getting to know how waste is suitable for upcycling. This will be done through learning by doing. Participants are going to practice zero-waste lifestyle during the training. They will practice upcycling also during workshops themselves and get to know how to use it as a tool to promote sustainable lifestyle and green entrepreneurship. After the training they will be multipliers of the gained knowledge.

2–Improve trainers competencies so that to become better in delivering new knowledge to their target groups.For that we have planned professional development of the participants of the ARTcycle according to the European Training Strategy in the field of youth and will support acquisition of the following competencies: responsiveness to the needs of young people, design of interactive educational activities, ability to create a positive and a supportive learning environment enabling young people to acquire new competencies, ability to facilitate individual and group learning processes, intercultural competence, etc.

3–After the training the participants are going to implement follow-up activities in their own communities. All actions will be made under a coordinated international campaign promoting upcycling and sustainable lifestyle. The project supports partnership building activities and is going to strengthen cooperation between partner organisations, as well as we expect it to result in more projects not only in participating countries, but also internationally.The setting up of the follow-up activities will already be touched upon during the training, so that a stable base can be created.

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Accommodation and food will be provided by the organisers for the whole duration of
the exchange.
100% of travel expenses will be reimbursed up to the following amounts only:160 EUR for Germany and Belgium 340 EUR for Cuprus and Greece 255 EUR for Romania, Hungary and Latvia, 20 EUR for the Netherlands. This includes an return ticket that will be sent over e-mail to travel within The Netherlands, as participants are only need to buy there ticket to get in The Netherlands.

Please, keep the original itineraries and tickets: you will have to provide them to us in order to get
the reimbursement. The reimbursement to the participants will be made after the Training Course by the partner organisations.(once you provide us all original travel documents).

Apply now!

Application deadline: 9 July 2017

Date of selection: 10 July 2017.

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