Respond to your NEET – Wuppertal, Germany

Training Course

9-15 August 2017 | Wuppertal, Germany

This Training Course is for 32 participants from Austria, Germany, Portugal

Training Course for Youth Workers and Leaders on employability of young people.

The training course will gather together 32 youth workers and active members of European youth organizations coming from Germany, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, FYROM Macedonia, Poland, Latvia, Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal and Slovakia. This call is only to fill empty places for participants from Germany (3), Austria(2) and Portugal (2).

Brief Description of the training course
The immediate future of Europe depends upon the 94 million Europeans aged between 15 and 29. Apart from the challenges that young people for generations have faced as they embark up on adult life, this generation will live in an era of full globalisation and will have to cope with the responsibility of an ageing population.

Being NEET has severe adverse consequences for the individual, society and the economy. Spending time as NEET may lead to a wide range of social disadvantages, such as disaffection, insecure and poor future employment, youth offending, and mental and physical health problems. European Union is more than concerned about NEET’s problem and there are various initiatives and actions being taken to reinforce youth in facing unemployment and social exclusion. But this is just a start.
We, as youth organizations, need to act on local level to ensure that more young unemployed people will be influenced by those EU actions, initiatives and policies. We have to give them again the stimulus and the chance to dream about their lives and design their future the way they want. And at the same time, we should equip them with all the necessary competences which will make them skilful hunters when searching for a job or a training.

Particular objectives:
– To support young people to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their personality on several sectors;
– To develop specific skills (spoken communication, making effective presentations, networking, teamwork, etc.) which will later foster their employability;
– To gain together better understanding of the NEET issue by sharing previous successful interventions and understanding each partner role in the problem solving.
– To equip those involved with NEET youth work with skills and competencies to better support this vulnerable target group.

Profile of the Participants:
– Age above 18
– Youth workers, youth leaders, activists
– Able to work in English
– Willing to share the new knowledge with the members of his/her organization once he/she gets back, act as multipliers
– Able to attend the entire duration of the course
– Motivated to take an active part in all the stages of the training course

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Board and accommodation will be covered by the hosting organization.
Participation fee: 40 Euro
The travel costs will be reimbursed for the cheapest and direct way of transport and only under the condition that the participant will take part in the whole project. The travel costs will be reimbursed up to the following maximum amount:
Germany: up to 60 Euro
Portugal, Austria: up to 275 Euro

Apply now!

Available downloads:

Application deadline: 7 July 2017

Date of selection: 9 July 2017

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