Professional Video Positive Impact 2 – Alicante, Spain

Training Course

18-25 September 2017 | Alicante, Spain

This Training Course is for 19 participants from Croatia, Latvia, Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom.

Learn how to make great videos to promote NGO’s. Develop the skills of video-making with methods that can be replicated when working with young people.

‘Professional Video Positive Impact 2’ will teach its participants how to create quality video projects on a tight budget. It will use non-formal activities to teach the basics of film-making.

By the end of the course the participants will have learned how to use simple equipment like smartphones and laptops to make good quality videos that will benefit their organisations. During the course they will get the chance to practice doing this by making a video for one of several local Spanish charities.

‘Professional Video Positive Impact 2’ will bring together 19 participants from across Europe. Participants will include Youth Workers, Teachers, Trainers and Leaders of Youth. Participants will have a range of video-making abilities so that they can share their skills and learn from each other as well as from our trainers.

All participants should have the goal of taking their new knowledge back to their home countries and using it for the benefit of others.


This training course is financed by the Erasmus+ programme, meaning there is no participation fee for attending.

The costs related to food and accommodation will be completely covered by the hosting organisation.

Travel costs are refundable for participants who attend all the sessions, commit themselves fully to the activities and provide all ORIGINAL tickets, boarding passes and emails relating to their travel. The maximum reimbursement per participant from each country is up to as follows:

Croatia: 275 Euros
Latvia: 530 Euros
Macedonia: 275 Euros
Romania: 360 Euros
Spain: 180 Euros
United Kingdom: 275 Euros

Apply now!

Application deadline (24h CET): 8 August 2017.

Date of selection: 11 August 2017.

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