No Panic – Krzętów, Poland

Training Course

24-30 July 2017 | Krzętów, Poland

This Training Course is for 27 participants from Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden
a training course for youth workers who want to improve their interactions with participants experiencing crisis or difficult situations throughout the activities

The aim of the project is to prepare you – youth workers, trainers, project coordinators, and mentors to deal with situations and act accordingly, when participants of your activities experience a crisis and find it difficult to continue with the activity. What to do when participant finds is too challenging to take an active part in the project? Some of them, for example, had to deal with a situation of a psychological crisis, a sudden death of a close relative, disclosure of a mental disease. Others, in long term projects, may experience intercultural shock or find it extremely difficult to establish satosfactory realtions in the new environment. Do you as a coordinator, trainer, mentor in this situation feel confusion, anxiety and helplessness? Often we can manage to deal with a concrete solution somehow, but with many difficulties. However, there is always a question of how far does our responsibility as a facilitator or coordinator go? And how to be supportive, yet allowing the responsibility for managing this situation to the participant, at the same time? How to deal with our own frustration coming from my limited position?
This training course anticipates developing competences to communicate with participants of your activities who find themselves in crisis or difficult situations during the activities. The aim is to prepare you to deal with situations when participants experience a crisis and find it difficult to continue with the activity.

* identifying the roles and responsibilities of a youth worker, trainer, mentor, and project coordinator in a crisis situation of a participant
* raising knowledge about psychological crisis, its possible underlying reasons, how to recognize it and how to address different types of situations
* sharing experience of being in different challenging situations for peer-supervision
* equipping participants with open and proactive attitudes towards crisis situations
* equipping participants with tools of coaching to conduct meaningful and useful conversations in complex situations
* practicing empathic, focused, constructive communication and conversation
* creating space for networking and peer support
* improving professional language skills for inclusive acting in a diverse environment, including linguistic diversity.

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This activity is organised by assosiation KobieTY from Łódź in Poland, with the financial support from Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme. To learn more about KobieTY visit our website:

Food, accommodation and travels will be covered by the organisers.

Limits for travel reimbursement:
275 EUR – Netherlands/ Germany/ Sweden
360 EUR – Spain

Apply now!

Application deadline: 3 July 2017

Date of selection: 4 July 2017

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