Move on! international training course with active methodology for inclusion – Leszno, Poland

Training Course

27 August – 2 September 2017 | Leszno, Poland

This Training Course is for 30 participants from Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain.

Are you interested in sports? Are you youth worker? Would you like to improve your methodology to attract especially those who are in risk?We invite you for a TC which is organised in Poland between 27.08.2017 and 02.09.2017.

The project envisages organization of an international training (27/08/17-02/09/28) in Leszno for youth workers on non-formal education methods, based on the sport and on the sport as a method of social inclusion and on learning methods through sport (education through sport- ETS) in work with disfavoured youth (in particular: migrants, NEET young excluded, poorly socialized). The result will be disseminating training workshops,, Class blocks for disadvantaged youth, and an information brochure that will disseminate the results of mobility. The project will be attended by 28 youth workers.
The project involves representatives of organizations involved in youth work, who, in the context of European events, in particular -the large wave of migration to Europe, the growing proportion of young people NEET and youth at risk of social exclusion (or premature completion of education) are looking for universal solutions that support the social inclusion.
With this project we want to raise the quality of work with young people with fewer opportunities and offer tchem tools adequate to their needs. We want to promote social iclusion in terms of youth. Also- increase their level of integration into society and active participation in the community. Increasing the ability of staff to meet the needs of a group of young people with fewer opportunities growing up in Europe is an overriding objective of the project.
An important element of the project activities are fixing the results of the project, related to the implementation of the effectsof mobility.T rained course participants will conduct workshops for other NGOs, working with young people in their local environment (which will provide a high multiplier effect of action) Then, they will lead the activities for local excluded young people by using methods of non-formal education, learning through sport and by sport as an element of social inclusion.
The project is a response of youth workers to the changing demand for methods of youth work and the changing needs of the young people in the context of the current political and economic situation in Europe. Attention should be directed to the tools that promote social inclusion, do not require a good knowledge of the language, aimed at promoting values such as active citizenship and participation.

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There is no participation fee and extra costs as the project is financed in Erasmus+.
Food and accommodation, trainers & training materials are paid within Erasmus+.

The travel is reimbursed up to the distance calcultor. Details are in infopack attached.

Apply now!

Application deadline (24h CET): 11 August 2017.

Date of selection: 12 August 2017.

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