Marketing&SEO for Youth Organizations – Moscow , Russia

This Training Course is for 15 participants from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries , Other countries in the world , Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU 

Training Course

20-27 August 2017 | Moscow , Russian Federation

We invite youth workers who want to learn about Marketing&SEO to join the course which will allow you to move your organization forward!

We invite youth workers who want to learn more about marketing to join the course on Marketing&SEO for Youth Organization!

The course will introduce you the fundamentals of marketing. You will learn how to make successful projects which will be different from others and more attractive. How to strengthen competitive and comparative advantages of your project and organization? How to do work in the way which will make your organization more successful?

We invite youth workers who want to move forward their organizations to join the course. The course is based on the materials taught in business schools within the marketing course but adopted to be relevant to youth organizations.

Some parts of the course will be dedicated to the digital marketing – how digital marketing can help to develop the organization. The participants will be introduced to the concept of SEO, will understand how it works.

The course will be useful for youth workers who want to develop new more successful projects using the marketing in the right way. Good marketing is not always about costs. If you understand the fundamentals of marketing, know how SEO works you can develop great marketing policy for your organization without large investments.

The course is based on the most modern findings of marketers. The course will introduce some theory as well as will provide examples from practice – what are successful examples of marketing which can be applied within youth organizations.

You could become a great marketer for your organization and more it to the next level! You can design new type of projects and attract the best participants! You do not need to go to a professional marketing agency for that! You can learn foundations of the marketing yourself and…just do it!

Learn how to make your organization more attractive for youth! How to make your projects more interesting for donors! Join the course on Marketing&SEO for youth organizations!

The course is organized by the Netherlands School for Innovative Education. The course will take place in Moscow, Russia.

Participants who will successfully complete the course will receive the certificate about the attendance of Marketing&SEO Course from the Netherlands School for Innovative Education.


The fee for the course is 490 euro. The fee cover the program, accommodation, meals.
In addition participants need to purchase their tickets to and from Moscow.

Apply here.

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