Integration? Art is the answer – Vilnius, Lithuania

Training Course

2-9 August 2017 | Vilnius, Lithuania

This Training Course is for 32 participants from Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden.

Our initiative IAA aims to support youth workers to their mission of a better integration of young migrants through developing skills of youth workers by using innovative and creative artistic tools.

IAA -Integration? Art is the answer gathers 32 youthworkers (26 participants, 4 trainers and 2 support staffs) from Program countries between August 2 – 9. 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Participants from Lithuania are already selected among the volunteers of organization.

The working methods are primarily based on the active participation and learning of participants promoted through non-formal and informal activities. Theoretical sessions will also integrated but in an interactive way. The main methodological approaches will be based on:
– Creative thinking and art methods
– Experiential learning
– Cooperative and Peer learning
– Open Space Technology
– public Event

Participants will be actively involved in the preparation for the training course by creating interactive presentations together with the partner organizations and gathering information on the topics, as well as in the everyday activities of the training in Vilnius, bringing aboard their experience and vigorously participating in the learning process.
IAA will be distributed in the flow of the learning path as follows:
– Information, knowledge exchange and competences development about art, intercultural dialogue and youth work
-Innovative tool for social inclusion: how social inclusion through artistic tools contribute a better social cohesion
– Follow up, dissemination and evaluation of the TC.
As well as TC will improve the quality of youth work in the field of intercultural dialogue and social inclusion of young migrants. Developing personal, professional and intercultural competences of youth workers and inspire them to use powerful tools such as artistic expression, creative thinking, and ICT to ease the path towards social inclusion and cohesion among youngsters, with migrant background youth (un)employment and wellbeing.

With this actions, IAA will have a strong direct positive impact:
• on the main target group, youth workers by increasing their personal and professional skills,
• on the migrants΄ community living in participants’ regions, through their future actions and activities
• IAA will inspire and motivate youth workers on direction of social inclusion of migrants.

By this project we expect to create stronger cooperation between partner organisations. The network will allow us to have bigger impact on European level through organisation local activities.

Please have a look at the draft program of training course at attached file.

Available downloads:


Participation Fee: There is no participation fee for participants coming from project countries that is funded by Erasmus+ Program.

COUNTRIES Max. Limit Per P. Number of Participants
Poland 275 € 3
Slovenia 275 € 3
Netherlands 275 € 3
Portugal 530 € 3
Sweeden 275 € 3

Accommodation, full board ( breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee break) are covered for selected participants.

Travel costs will be reimbursed via bank transfer after the training course once the interim report of project is approved by National Agency of Lithuania.
Participants should confirm their travel options with organizer before purchasing their tickets.

Participants from Lithuania are already selected among the volunteers of organization.

Apply now!

Application deadline: 4 July 2017

Date of selection: 7 July 2017

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