Inclusive Education for Roma Youth – Craiova , Romania

Training Course

5-15 August 2017 | Craiova , Romania

This Training Course is for 28 participant from Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Turkey.

In short , we’ll prepare a group of trainers who will learn how to run complementary activities in schools with Roma pupils so to raise attractiveness of school at such a level of being able to multiply it in their own realities.

Host NGO: „Centrul Educational de Resurse si Training – CERT”
implements between 5-15 August 2017 a complex training program aiming to :

-To equip 28 youth workers with attractive non-formal methodology used as complementary in school activities with Roma pupils: team-building/trust games, energizers, communication/leadership/problem-solving games, HRs methods for 10 days;
-To raise the knowledge level of 28 youth workers about the Roma youth culture, mentalities, traditions, social practices, needs and superstitions for 10 days using photo-voice;
-To raise awareness upon the importance of education(formal&non-formal) for job market for 240 Roma NEET(30 Roma youth/ partner NGO)using non-formal methods;
– To raise awareness upon the importance of education for social and job integration for 350 Roma NEET in Spineni&Craiova through flash-mob and photo-voice methods for 10 days;
IV. For local communities in the all partner countries:
-To raise awareness upon the importance of education for social and job integration for 480 Roma NEET (2 parents for each 240 Roma youth) during 4 months of after- school non-formal follow-up sessions and contact making meetings and counseling.

Available downloads:


This info pack will provide you with the necessary information that you need before arriving to Inclusive Education for Roma Youth Tranining course in CRAIOVA , Romania;we provide you with useful details on travelling arrangements, accommodation, and some general information on the area you will stay.;

Participant countries: Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Slovakia
Number of participants – 28 3/country Italy and Bulgaria 4/country

Training fee : 20 euro / person

Covered by project accommodation will be in rooms of 2 individual beds, in a national network youth hostes with 3 meals included-

Travel costs are covered by the project budget according to distance and approved budget; pls contact our in charge person;

Please do not book tickets before you are not selected!

Apply now!

Tel :0040784787870 ;

Application deadline (24h CET): 20 July 2017
Date of selection: 21 July 2017
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