Gendersensitive schools in AT and CZ – Vienna, Austria

Study Visit

16-22 September 2017 | Vienna, Austria

This Study Visit is for 10 participants from Austria, Czech Republic.

The study visit calls all people active in the field of gender sensitive education! The program includes practical workshops, meetings with stakeholders and excursions and is aimed at teachers, youth workers, students and project managers.

Interactive Study Visit | Gender Sensitive Schools in Austria and the Czech Republic

You can either take part in one of the study visits (one in AT and one in CZ) or in both. Please tick the box or boxes on the application form.

16 – 22 September 2017 in Austria
18 – 24 October in the Czech Republic

When: 16 – 22 September 2017 in Vienna / Austria (7 days program); 18 – 24 October 2017 in Brno, Prague, Česká Lípa / Czech Republic (7 days program)
Who: 5 people from Austria and 5 people from the Czech Republic
Where: Vienna, Brno, Prague, Česká Lípa

Are you teacher, youth worker, lecturer and are you interested in the gender sensitive education? Do you work on the promotion gender sensitive education within the national strategies for education in the Czech Republic or Austria? NESEHNUTÍ and POIKA, active in the gender sensitive education in CZ and AT, are organizing interactive study visit to develop international cooperation, share good practice in gender sensitive education, learn in the international context, build the gender sensitive schools.

The study visit is open to all people active in the field of education, youth work or curriculum development who strive for changes towards more gender sensitive environment in the field of education and work with children and young people.
The program includes practical workshops, discussions, meetings with stakeholders, excursions (NGOs, schools, institutions active in the field of education).

To share and get new knowledge about the gender sensitive work, methods, approaches in the Czech Republic and Austria
To establish new cooperation, platform of actors in gender sensitive education in more international context
To discuss challenges and possible changes and directions of gender sensitive education with relevant stakeholders (Ministry of Education, the Ombudsman, Academics, Municipalities, teachers, students, NGOs youth workers and Activists in the field of Gender Sensitive Education)

Project description:
The category of gender permeates all areas of our life. And the schooling and education have crucial impact on the process of shaping roles that are enclosed with specific gender. The teachers, youth workers, lecturers can easily tend to treat girls and boys differently according to their own expectation of the behavior and roles that girls and boys should or should not do. The organization of the school eg. separation of boys and girls due to some specific education “for boys” and “for girls” without any reflection about the impact of this separation on the future career can influence negatively individual development of young people. Moreover there can be transgender persons who can very quickly feel themselves as physically segregated because of any chance to identificate themselves with group of girls or boys. The schools thus have important role in the future professional as well as in the private life of young people. And in this way the inclusive schools that offer support and education according to the needs and potential of each individual and that ensure equal opportunity and treatment for every person should be also gender sensitive schools.

Practical information:

Important dates:
Deadline for applications – 18 August 2017.
Results of selection process – 25 August 2017.


Financial conditions:
The participants’ fee is €40 per week.
The accommodation, food, local transport and the program will be provided by hosting organization (NESEHNUTÍ, POIKA).
Travel cost will be reimbursed in 100% after the study visit.

Apply now!

Application deadline (24h CET): 18 August 2017

Date of selection: 25 August 2017

Please download and print the following application documents. After you have filled them out, send them to:

Mailing address:
Teresa Schweiger
Verein poika
Burggasse 81/7
1070 Wien

The organizer of this training left the following annotations for the application procedure:

Please note that the study visits consist of two parts. One in Vienna, September 16-22, 2017 and one in Brno and Prague, October 18-24, 2017. Participants can either choose to take part in one study visit or in both. Please tick the bo/boxes on the application form. Any questions, please ask Teresa Schweiger,

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