E+QUALITY WEEK: Improving Project Management Competences in Youth Work – Bisceglie, Bari, Italy

Training Course

1-8 December 2017 | Bisceglie, Bari, Italy

This Training Course is for 26 participants from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Italy, Malta, Romania, Spain.

The project will gather youth workers from 8 different countries, with the aim to develop their competence in planning, implementing, monitoring and assessing the quality of Erasmus+ training courses.

“E+QUALITY Week: Improving Project Management Competences in Youth Work” is a 6-day mobility for youth workers which will take place in Bari, Puglia, a region currently facing challenges such as youth unemployment, economic and refugee crisis. The current Erasmus+ Period 2014-2020 holds lots of opportunities to fund innovative ideas and projects in order to address these issues, however these opportunities are not always realised. This project is the result of a common need for qualified staff and know-how on quality assessment tools for E+ projects.

The project’s main objectives are:

O1: to improve youth workers’ project management skills, thus responding to high demand for qualified staff who can implement successful E+ projects that really make a difference in their communities.

O2: to develop their competence in planning, implementing, monitoring and assessing the quality of training courses.

O3: to encourage the participants to share insights and best practices regarding training courses’ quality, thus broadening understanding of practices, policies and systems in youth work across countries.

O4: to foster collaboration at a European level, within Erasmus+ framework, between NGOs in order to increase the capacity to trigger changes in terms of modernisation and international opening and to find reliable partners for future collaborations.

“E+QUALITY Week: Improving Project Management Competences in Youth Work” will enable the youth workers to approach all types of learning styles, including activities to stimulate working in big and small groups, pairs, as well as individually.

Participants will arrive 1/12 and depart 8/12. Activities will take place 2/12-7/12.

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1. Travel costs will be reimbursed, according to country; participants from Italy will receive 180€, and participants from other countries will receive 275€.
2. Accommodation and food will be provided.
3. There is no participation fee.

Apply now!

Please download and print the following application documents. After you have filled them out, send them to:


Available downloads:

Application deadline (24h CET): 1 October 2017.

Date of selection: 20 October 2017.

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