Democracy in Action – From the Personal to the Political – Zagreb, Croatia

Training Course

23-30 September 2017 | Zagreb, Croatia

This Training Course is for 27 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of, Poland, Serbia.

During this training course participants will have a chance to become familiar with two civic education methods respectively – Betzavta and Applied debate, reflect upon these methods and develop ideas how they can utilize these methods in their own work.

About methods that will be introduced at this training course:

Betzavta is a Hebrew word which means “together”. The title of this method for learning about democracy, which was developed by the Adam Institute in Israel, makes up the programme and philosophical background at the same time. Betzavta questions the traditional and unsatisfactory paths of conventional conflict resolution with surprising seminar units and presents in its place the concept of creative conflict resolution. With the help of a special conflict dilemma method, it achieves the essential conditions for tolerant social interaction: the willingness to mutually recognize the right to personal freedom and other peoples’ needs. On this basis, the four steps of democratic decision-making provide the conflicting parties with a valuable tool for dealing with conflicts in a novel way. Betzavta is an internationally renowned democracy education programme used in schools and non-school educational institutions.

Applied debate presents several different approaches to debate outside of its usual, competitive setting and explores debate’s potential, across different contexts, to engage with discrimination and build understanding between various groups in society. Through the Applied Debate course, the participants will improve their critical thinking, argumentation, rhetorical and empathy skills, widening their perspective to seek alternatives to the polarized, dichotomous thinking (us versus them) so widespread in the current local and international political domains.


Meeting place
The training course is going to take place at two locations. The first part of the training will be held at Sljeme (in a hotel at the top of the mountain Medvednica north of Zagreb which is accessible by public transport from the city of Zagreb) in order to provide a chance to work in a peaceful surrounding of natural beauties of Medvednica mountain. On the fourth day of the training a short brake will be made by moving to the city center of Zagreb and getting to know the historical and political context of the city. The following days training will be continued at the seminar place in the city center.

Fee for course: (covers accommodation in a triple room in 3* hotel, training, all meals and one day excursion in Zagreb; a reduced fee for students, apprentice, and unemployed upon request)
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – 40 € (30 € reduced fee)
Bosnia and Herzegovina – 40 € (30 € reduced fee)
Serbia – 40 € (30 € reduced fee)
Croatia – 50 € (40 € reduced fee)
Poland – 80 € (60 € reduced fee)
Germany – 150 € (115 € reduced fee)

Travel Costs: (costs will be reimbursed after the training)
Bosnia and Herzegovina – maximum 180 €
Croatia – maximum 180 €
Poland – maximum 275 €
Germany – maximum 275 €
Serbia – maximum 180 € for travel distance between 100 and 499 KM
maximum 275 € for travel distance between 500 and 1999 KM
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – maximum 275 €

Apply now!

Please download and print the following application documents. After you have filled them out, send them to:


Available downloads:

Application deadline (24h CET): 1 August 2017.

Date of selection: 20 August 2017.

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