Balcantic Youth Work – BYW – Tallinn, Estonia

Training Course

17-25 April 2018 | Tallinn, Estonia

BYW procjet aims to connect cooperation between Baltic and Balkan countries in the field of youth work. This will be opportunity for youth workers to share tools, good practices and different experience from their everyday work.

This Training Course is for 26 participants from Croatia, Estonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia.

These two regions are quite specific as they are so similar, but also so different in many aspects. Despite being geographically separated, they are sharing similar economical and political situation. This will be opportunity for youth workers to share tools, good practices and different experience from their everyday work, but also to learn about regulations and policies in other countries. For example, recognition of term „youth worker“ in both regions is so different. For comparison, in Baltic countries it is even possible to get a degree in youth work, as youth centers in Balkan doesn’t exist almost at all, especially in shape they are present in Baltics.

This will not only be chance for networking organizations from different regions, but also from same to discuss differences which are present everywhere. Specific accent will be put on using non-formal learning methods, as well as drama and theater language and approaches in youth work.

Focus of the project is to “equip” youth workers with set of skills needed to enable their organisations to develop capacities for peer to peer ways of work and methods. It is really important as in the follow up period, we expect organizations to connect peer to peer work methods with workshops which will be done by using theatre methods, and through learning by doing method to implement it in their local communities.

Specific objectives of this training course are:

• exchange of good practices and methods between partner organizations participating in the project and their future networking (sharing experiences and different approaches, explaining what did and what didn’t work successfully in former work)
• strengthening cooperation and knowledge sharing between partner organization included in project (connecting partners to work not only in follow up period, but also future projects)
• introducing theatre methods and how they can be used in everyday youth work (acquiring and using of improvisation and acting skills through image and forum theatre)
• introduction of non-formal learning methods and promotion of Erasmus+ program (introducing new methods of work to participants, and discussing possibilities of skills and knowledge by using different opportunities of Erasmus+ program)
• improving knowledge about peer to peer education, and enabling organizations to use it in follow up activities back in their local communities (preparing organizations and youth workers to do their own workshops, and to connect all knowledge together and support life-long learning process).
• raising quality of youth work activities implemented by project partners by providing them with set of skills and knowledge for participants from their organization; in terms of using new and innovative techniques and methods of work with young people.

The participants should fulfill the following criteria:

• to be active youth workers/leaders and willing to apply & multiply the knowledge received
• have motivation to make activities and implement new projects in local community in field of youth work and willing to enter into partnerships with participants from different organisations/countries on behalf of their SOs
• able to attend and be active during the entire duration of the project (the training course and follow up activities which will be done back in home countries)
• being team players and flexible in work as well as open for new ideas

Available downloads:
BYW – Timetable of activities.pdf

The project has been financed by the Erasmus+ programme.
All costs related to accommodation and food will be completely covered by organizers. Accommodation will be provided in shared rooms for 2 or 3 people.
Travel costs will be covered by Erasmus+ rules and we are able to reimburse up to following amounts :

Estonia – 0 €
Latvia – 180 €
Lithuania – 275 €
Slovenia – 275 €
Croatia – 275 €
the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – 275€

There is no participation fee for this project!

Apply now!
Application deadline (24h CET): 11 February 2018
Date of selection: 25 February 2018.

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