Act non-formal vol. 2 – Bremen, Germany

Training Course

26 March – 3 April 2018 | Osterholz-Scharmbeck/ Bremen, Germany

This Training Course is for 38 participants from Cyprus, Finland, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Slovak Republic, Spain

Act non-formal! is a Training Course for youth workers and those working the educational field of inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities in order to get knowledge in how to involve drama and non- formal education methods into their daily work.
“Act non-formal vol.2” is a European Training Course that was initiated by several European NGOs in order to learn and share innovative non-formal education methods for young people, but especially to groups with fewer opportunities such as people with disabilities, young refugees and youth from marginalised group into local communities.

As one of the biggest challenges that youth work is facing at the moment is how to integrate young migrants and refugees and for them to benefit from youth work as well, youth workers need to be trained and learn new tools in order to transform the youth work to be able to face the current challenges. Therefor we invite 38 youth workers from Cyprus, Latvia, Slovakia, Finland, Macedonia, Hungary, Spain and Germany to learn new tools that make use of drama methods to include in their daily work. These tools will help youth workers to integrate youth from marginalized groups into their work and into society. Also we will speak about ways how young refugees can be involved in international youth projects in order to benefit from the experiences as well.

All the methods used will be non formal methods using drama educational tools, non-verbal methods, different forms of discussions, sharing experiences and simulations in order to guarantee a successful learning outcome that can be easily applied in local youth work.

This project should bring a new dimension into local and international youth work with integrating marginalised youth, training youth workers to make youth work more innovative and drama more applicable. It should help youth workers to be prepared for challenges that occured or might occur in future with integrating refugees. The methods applied will help young people to reflect and express their opinions about actual topics and to make youngsters from different backgrounds feel connected in order for young migrants and refugees to feel accepted by the society and therefor stop their radicalization.

The trainers will be Maria Diaz Durillo, Mohammed Awwad, Branimir Suk and Svenja Oltmanns.

Available downloads:
Act Non Formal Infopack for Partners vol 2.pdf

1. Travel costs will be reimbursed up to a max. of 275€/participant (Latvia, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, Macedonia, Finland) 380€/person (Cyprus) and 180€/person (Germany) after sucessful participation in the TC and fulfilling dessimination activities. Please consult with us before you book the exact amount of reimbursement that are eligable to get reimbursed.
2. Acommodation and food will be covered
3. There is a participation fee of 20€ per person.

Apply now!

Application deadline (24h CET): 5 February 2018.
Date of selection: 12 February 2018.

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