Study Visit | Youth Participation in Rural Areas – Denmark

Nyhavn in Copenhagen

Study Visit

9-12 October 2017 | Denmark

This Study Visit is for 21 participants from Denmark, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of, Portugal.

A 3-day study visit for 21 youth leaders, youth workers and youth municipality officers to explore practices of youth participation in rural areas by visiting examples of good practice being implemented in rural and geographically isolated areas.

This study visit envisions to allow the participants to:
– Explore, experience and understand the specific challenges to youth participation in rural and geographically remote areas.
– Visit examples of good practices and based upon interaction with the project organisations, filtering out elements to transfer to one’s reality.
– Think of innovative youth participation models in rural areas (new technologies, long-distance tools, etc.).
– Offer possibilities for partnership building among organisations active in the field of youth participation in rural areas, for future projects within the frame of E+ Programme.
– Experience Danish culture and Portuguese culture through the involvement of their local communities.
– Look closely upon:
i. How to set up programmes and project to increase youth participation in rural areas: strengths and challenges, resistance and factor, etc.
ii. Long term strategies and approaches to youth participation in rural areas, including connection of programme design with E+ framework for fundraising and impact measurement.

Available downloads:


– Travel expenses to and from the venue will be reimbursed according to the Erasmus + Key Action 1 rules. [Flight tickets shall be bought only after agreement and confirmation with the organizers.]
* From Denmark – a max. amount of 20€ per participant within the country
* From Latvia, Italy and Macedonia (FYR of) – a max. amount of 275€ per participant
* From Portugal – a max. amount of 360€ per participant

– Accommodation and meals will be provided by the organizers. Any particular need should be communicated at the moment of registration.

– Reimbursement will be done via bank transfer after the training.

Apply now!

Application deadline (24h CET): 16 July 2017

Date of selection: 19 July 2017.

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