Reframing Youth Work – Bucharest, Romania

Training Course

19-28 January 2018 | Bucharest, Romania

This Training Course is for 25 participants from Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain.

Learn to create videos that promote your NGO work, and the benefits of Erasmus+. Understand how to adapt and promote your message in order to reach more young people.

The project ”Reframing Youth Work” is a training course that aims to improve youth workers competence in video-making and online promotion of their action, in order to reach out to more young people.

During the 8 days TC and by getting involved in the dissemination activities, the 25 participants will:
1. Gain new skills in filming, editing and publishing videos online.
2. Improve their knowledge about the young people needs.
3. Learn to adapt and better communicate their message to young people.
4. Be able to engage more young people in their NGO activity.
5. Learn how to improve their NGO visibility.
6. Learn how to promote Erasmus+ and non-formal education.

The participants will attend training sessions built around non-formal education methods. These will begin at the preparation stage of the project and continue through the implementation phase to the evaluation and follow-up. The project will take place during a 6 months period (November 2017-May 2018).

During the project’s major activity we will be working with 5 charities, libraries and NGOs local to Bucharest. Our participants will use the knowledge and skills they have learned in earlier sessions to produce promotional videos for these organizations. This will create the right environment for them to actually learn by doing. They will have to understand needs, target groups, the desired message and choose appropriate methods to make everything come together in the end.

The final aim of our project will be reached when the participants go back in their communities and apply what they have learned. We have a mentorship and support period in order to help them achieve their future plans and we will carefully monitor their experiences in order to assess the impact of our work.


This project is financed by Erasmus+ Programme in the field of youth. Being selected for this course, all costs (accommodation, travel etc.) relevant to participation in the course will be covered.
The travel costs will be reimbursed up to this limits:
200 euros/participant from: Italy, Poland, Lithuania
250 euros/participant from Spain
the travel for participants from Romania will not be covered by the project

*there is no participation fee

This training activity is funded by:

The Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme

Apply now!

Application deadline (24h CET): 8 December 2017.
Date of selection: 12 December 2017.
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