NAVIGATE YOUR INNER COMPASS – 4th Edition – Antwerp, Belgium

Training Course

5-12 November 2017 | Antwerp, Belgium – FL

This Training Course is for 21 trainees participants from Austria, Belgium – FL, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden.

With this training course we want to extend the subject of sexuality beyond information. We focus on the connection with our identity and discover values and norms on a societal, European, national and personal level.

Tranining Course, Antwerp, Belgium, 5 – 12 November 2017 (Organised by Connected Elephant)

A journey to explore the connection between sexuality and identity

This training is aimed at youth workers, youth leaders, teachers and volunteers working in non-formal learning settings. With this training course we want to extend the subject of sexuality beyond information and widen the perspective of the matter and connect sexuality to identity and discover values and norms in connection to sexuality on a societal, European, national and personal level.

Navigate your Inner Compass is an unique opportunity for you:
· To discover which norms and power structures we have in connection to sexuality and identity
· To investigate how society and myself see sexuality and how it influence young people
· To raise awareness of your own identity and your own body in general and resources
· To learn how to express sexuality in words/communication and attitude
· To explore how sexuality is seen in different European cultures
· To share knowledge and experience within the group about methods and tools for sexual education for young people
· To multiply the learning outcomes in local reality and with young people
· To raise awareness of the Erasmus+ programme and start planning for future projects together

Overall aim
The overall aim of the TC is to increase awareness among youth workers of the inner process and inner compass from a holistic approach (body, mind, heart and your environment) in connection to sexuality and identity, and to develop the capacity in supporting young people to explore this.

Target group
Youth workers who are involved in sexuality/relationships issues and advising all kinds of youngsters and have the will and possibility to participate in the training course.

TC Language: English
Organizers: Connected Elephant, Antwerp, Belgium

The training is designed for 21 participants.
We accept applications till: 13rd of October.

Are you interested to join us, please fill in this registration form:

If you have questions left, please don’t hesitate to ask us:

Available downloads:


We organise accommodation and food for free.

For this training course we ask a participation fee of 70,00 euro. We will take this from the reimbursement.

Travels costs will be counted by distance calculator provided by European Commission and reimbursed by bank transfer after the course. The reimbursement is determined by the Erasmus+-guide. That means that the participants will be maximum reimbursed for the following amounts.

Maximum budget for reimbursement per person:
Sweden 275 – 70 = 205 euro
Slovakia 275 – 70 = 205 euro
Ireland 275 – 70 = 205 euro
Malta 275 – 70 = 205 euro
Spain 275 – 70 = 205 euro
Italy 275 – 70 = 205 euro
Czech Republic 275 – 70 = 205 euro
Greece 360 – 70 = 290 euro
Austria 275 – 70 = 205 euro
Belgium 0 euro

The reimbursed will be made through bank transfer after the training course when Connected Elephant have received all the travel tickets.
This training activity is funded by: Erasmus+

Apply now!

Application deadline (24h CET): 13 October 2017.

Date of selection: 16 October 2017.

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