Inclusion Workers – Litomyšl, Czech Republic

Seminar / Conference

18-26 January 2018 | Litomyšl, Czech Republic

This Seminar / Conference is for 36 participants from Czech Republic, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Italy, Poland, Romania.

The seminar is the opportunity to share your experience in working with youth with fewer opportunity, to evaluate different working methods and to create tools to work with inclusion.

Summary of the project
“Inclusion Workers” is a project, consisting in a training and a seminar, as a response to the Needs we and our partners identified – to train their staff in becoming more experienced in working with young Roma and also to increase the number of young Roma which are involved in youth activities.

We want with this project to respond to the lack of experience and knowledge about how to work
with Roma young people of the 36 youth workers from 10 NGO’s which are working in this field.
The general aim of our project is to capacitate the Roma and non Roma civil society to work with
Roma young people.

The general objectives of the project are:
– To capacitate the 10 partner NGO’s to work with young Roma
– To foster the use of the guide “9 steps in working with Roma youngsters”
– To increase the participation of young Roma in the life of the local communities
– To promote nonformal education and practical learning for young Roma

The activities of the project consist in:

A1: Training Course
The training was held from 10 -20.06.2017 in Milcoveni, Romania. The training was serving as theoretical part and professional informations about youth work activity and about Roma. What was following was a 6 months period to do local activities trying to use practically the theoretical
informations received during the training.

A2: Seminar
The evaluation and good practices seminar will be organize in January 2018 in Litomysl, Czech Republic – with the aim to can conclude how to
work with Roma young people and with youth with fewer opportunities. The results of the seminar will be to improve the guidelines, to create a set of resources and good practices in promoting inclusion.

Location: Castle Brewery, Litomyšl, Czech Republic
No. of participants: 7 participants / country
Partner countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Macedonia, Italy, Romania.
It is mandatory that the participants of the seminar have experienced working in disadvantaged areas with youth with fewer opportunities and they want to share their experience.

Available downloads:


Accommodation and food: 100% covered by Erasmus + Programme
Travel costs: are budgeted according Erasmus + conditions (using the EU distance calculator:
Maximum travel costs budget and number of participants are as follows:
Country | Distance band | Travel grant
Czech Republic |100 – 499 km | 180 €
Romania | 500 – 1999 km | 275€
Macedonia | 500 – 1999 km | 275€
Italy | 500 – 1999 km | 275€
Poland | 500 – 1999 km | 275€
Reimbursement of travel costs of the participants is ALWAYS based on receiving all the eligible travel documents (tickets, invoices, boarding passes, etc.) in original (or in electronic original where available).

This training activity is funded by:

The Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme

Apply now!

Application deadline (24h CET): 4 December 2017.
Date of selection: 18 December 2017.
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