Call for Applications, Youth Power Initiative Group in Berlin, Germany

We are looking a participant who will represent Youth Power Initiative Group in Berlin, May 01st – 08th 2018 at the training “Building Trust through Cooperation”.

There will be 25 participants from Germany, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Georgia, Portugal, Slovakia, Kosovo*UN Resolution, Italy and Albania.

The TC “Community for All” is part of Multi-Activity project of two training courses “Building Trust through Cooperation”. The project will provide the participants with new NFE techniques in the Music, Satire/Comics, Understand of Narrative.

The project aims at positively affecting the condition of migrants/refugees in the following ways:

1) An open discussion on the condition of refugees, engaging against stereotypes and xenophobic sentiments among local populations

2) Peace building through conflict resolution activities, using NFE methods, which aims to develop awareness and competences of youngsters in the field.

The official language of the project is English.

Interested young people could send their motivation letter to email address: till 5th of March. In the motivation letter please do forget to highlight three main points: previous experience, the purpose of interest and how you will benefit from the training.

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